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Optoma UST Home Entertainment Projector – Blends into your interior design

[July 2023] In the past three years, home audio-visual entertainment has changed dramatically, occupying a larger portion of our daily lives. Amongst all devices, large screens are a dominant driver. Within this trend, Optoma’s ultra-short-throw home projectors are quickly catching the eye of large-screen aficionados, the ultra-short-throw feature is particularly popular among users with smaller living spaces. Some obvious questions arise, how do you make the projector as unobtrusive as possible in your home’s design. And for new homes, what is the best way to integrate a projector in a new interior design? Optoma has considered this for you with utmost importance.

Large screens do not just provide home entertainment in movie form. Home projectors extend to now fulfill the needs of video gamers too. Of course the consumer must still prepare their environment, especially considering the movement of users and guests. Therefore, Optoma has invited a well-known interior designer to answer your needs and concerns at regularly hosted consumer experience exhibitions.

Interior design is an important part of creating a comfortable home environment, and home projectors have added new possibilities to interior design. We not only provide high-quality visual enjoyment, but also combine a focus on interior design to bring a unique charm to your home space. When choosing a home projector, you should not only expect quality and high functionality, but also for your projector to seamlessly integrate with your interior design. A projector’s aesthetic is as important as its function to fit into your interior design. In this way, a high-quality, fully entertaining projector will fit into your life most seamlessly. First of all, home projectors can be integrated into the interior design as a decorative element, while maintaining a less obtrusive presence than existing technology. Traditional TV screens may need to occupy a large area on the wall, while home projectors can present large screen images at a very short distance through short-distance projection. This allows the projection area to be flexibly targeted at the wall without space restrictions. In terms of design, the projection area can also be coordinated with the color or material of the wall, to make the whole space more harmonious. Secondly, home projectors can provide diverse visual effects for interior design. You can switch between different backgrounds or scenes at any time through the projector to create a dynamic atmosphere. These diverse visual effects can fit different occasions or personal preferences. You can also combine the projector with a wall-mounted sound system to provide a dynamic and powerful entertainment space, while maintaining an unobtrusive device presence. Such a design not only provides a high-quality audio-visual experience, but can also bring more interactive entertainment options to the family.

All series of our Optoma ultra-short-throw home projectors have excellent projection capabilities, and can seamlessly project high-definition images on your walls or screens without requiring a large space. With short-throw technology, we present a large screen image at a very short distance, turning your home into a cinema. Whether watching movies, sports, gaming or sharing photos and videos with multiple people, you can have a great experience. In addition, you can also connect external audio systems via Bluetooth to improve sound quality, and enhance your viewing experience.

Optoma is committed to providing the best home entertainment equipment we possibly can. We believe that ultra-short-throw projectors will change the way families enjoy home entertainment in an unparalleled way.

To learn more about Optoma UST home projectors D2、D2 Premium、L1+, please visit our website at https://optoma.com.tw Optoma UST projectors x Interior design meeting videos: https://youtu.be/BDTzNnlyItE

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Optoma projectors use DLP® technology, pioneered by Texas Instruments. This uses millions of mirrors to produce high quality imagery which does not suffer colour degradation over time, as sometimes experienced in other projector technologies.

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